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Our Story

Our story wrote its early chapters in 2011 in K.R.Puram, Bengaluru where Mr. Lakshminarayana dreamed the idea of luxury hospitality by opening his first hotel, marking a successful entry into the field of hospitality, who was mocked by all for taking this challenge, which later turned out to be a strong foothold in a new and unknown sector. The creation of KR inn has made him stand up among the known and propelled him to grow beyond. The reflection of his determination and passion to Excel and Expand has made KR inn a mirror of his achievement!


Grasping the latest and holding the essence of the past, we at KR inn welcome new ideas from any and all sources available to aim for the highest. We innovate, experiment and implement the best out of chosen concepts to provide the customers with the utmost quality of service.

Yes this would be impossible without our most valued resource of more than 80 hard working staff, pledged their time and dedication for the upliftment of this establishment.

The Company

KR inn Private Limited, founded in 2013, operates 3 premium hotels and 3 budget hotels. The company is also engaged in Sports and is actively expanding.

3 Premium Hotels
3 Budget Hotels
160 Rooms
2 Pipeline Projects